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tv   Sen. Mc Connell Post Vote Press Briefing  CSPAN  March 26, 2020 4:06am-4:12am EDT

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impacted by the pandemic. and funding for hospitals and health center. the house is expected to take up the bill on friday. watch live coverage when they return here on c-span. last night after the senate past the third coronavirus aid package, senate leaders mitch mcconnell and chuck shumer spoke with the press about the bill. >> called out for extraordinary measures. i'm proud to announce tonight not a single senator voted against the 2 trillion rescue bill to save american
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individuals, small businesses, large businesses. and to private health care for the nurses doctors and others trying to solve this pandemic. if i were writing your headline i'd say the senate has pivoted from one of the most contentious to patting this rescue package 100-0 all in one quarter of the year. coming together, 100 of his to meet the challenge.
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putting aside differences to do something significant for the country. one of the reasons that happened, we were inspired by what happened around the country, people are helping each other. reaching out. looking for ways to make a difference. following the care of health care professionals. this is a proud moment for the united states senate. and for the country, and we are going to win this battle. in the very near future. i'll take a couple of questions if there any. >> the understanding of course is that time is of the essence. this vote began, and the public had not yet seen the bill. lobbyists had seen the bill. and none of the debate had been held in public, there was virtually no public debate on the largest bill in american history. can you explain why it was, i am sure the public has more time to
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understand what the bill it. >> do you work here? >> yes. >> representative of the american people. i'll walk you through it again. we laid down a bill as a result of kochb sul takes with republican members. we invited our democratic friends to join us. by sunday of had week, we had a bipartisan bill as a starting place, and then the speak e and the democrat -- speaker and the democratic leader came into my office on sunday, and that slowed down the process, but it had begun on a bipartisan basis. that's what we do here, we are elected to get results. the public is watching all of it through you, and the debates on the floor. this bill is no different to any other bill. this is the way all bills had
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developed. what was different it was bipartisan from the beginning to the end. we pivoted from impeachment from 100 to 0 on the rescue package. this is about as flawless as you could possibly be. >> we had input from everyone, all over the country. all parts of our society. non-profits to profits. all going to the elected representatives, coming in to these discussions, this is a classic way you write legislation in a democracy. at the same time you and schumer didn't seem to interact too much with each other throughout the entire process you were waling on nancy pelosi as if she didn't have a right to have an imprint on the bill. >> i know you are paid to find something wrong with almost
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everything, but there's not much to argue about. when people who... (speaking at the same time). ..i can answer myself. we pivoted from of the most partisan episodes you can be engaged in, to a 100:0, 2 trillion rescue package. not much to complain about. you have a good break, and we'll see i when we get back here. hopefully we have went the curve on the pandemic by then. >>

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